Who In The World Is Behind The Scenes?

No Guessing Who Is Behind Scenes With Us!

We have many exciting announcements coming that you don’t want to miss, and in fact the first one is further proof that we are never hiding behind the scenes and have nothing to hide from  you.  Since August of 2016 after the vacancy of the position of President at our company, I announced that I was the new president until we found the appropriate replacement.

After careful review and a few years of grooming Dolly Estrada is the perfect match for the vision of Ingreso Cybernetico.  Dolly shares our vision for building greater opportunities for our subscribers, understands and supports our social mission, and even believes in the highest of ethical standards in the way we treat the users of our products and affiliates.  This is important for our company as since our doors opened we have a ZERO tolerance for fraud with our team, owners, or anyone and if for any reason someone was found guilty of such behavior they are no longer with us.


Now who is behind the curtain?  We will tell you, we tell the governments in the communities we serve and most of all we tell our subscribers of our services.  Ingreso Cybernetico founder Dwayne Golden who started this concept and idea 5 years ago with his good friend and CIO Jatin Patel.   We are owners however we are a part of a committed team of individuals who now is headed up by Dolly Estrada.   To know more about who we are  you can learn my by clicking here

What’s New & Exciting?

Not only do we have a new president, but in February as we promised we have opened e-Wallet to allow you to add funds using bitcoin.  Now we are releasing to you soon the following things that will make your life even better as a subscriber at Ingreso Cybernetico

  1. BitCoin Payouts with new Bitcoin Debit card so you commissions can be loaded and you can spend directly from your debit card.  Releasing Late May
  2.  New live stream solution directly to social networks that will replace Google Hangouts and yet give added benefits and features.  Launching May 1, 2017
  3. New Ingreso Cybernetico Affiliate Marketing Branch that will enable our subscribers to launch, promote and manage their online marketing business in 100% bitcoin (daily automated pay throughout each day even weekends).   We are not stopping there but this system will have items and features that are welcome to our smart order IC members as well.   Launching May 15, 2017

You may be wondering why bitcoin will be a part of our future at our company.   Our software development company has successfully created the most advanced bitCoin e-Wallet for our customers.  It is state of the art technology and has features that don’t exist yet in the market place, however you don’t have to take our word for it  you can see for yourself when we release to you.  We have been working in BitCoin technology since the positive surge approximately 1 year ago and now are excited to say that our technology pays people around the world every single day.

I know, yes I know everyone says they are doing it and even will say they are the first.  The proof is in the pudding and you will see that talk is cheap and that when you’re doing something amazing you have no problem standing behind it with  your name.   Our clients which are home business companies are pleased to use our state of the art technology and now we are bringing it to you so that you can benefit from our latest integrated features that even they don’t have yet.

Now it is time for me to denounce since I have the announcements out of the way.  Anything on the internet that does not have an owner’s name on it is not owned by me.  All businesses on the internet that I am the person behind it is made public and will have my video, and/or photo stating my position.  So for all in customer support, and FB inbox and What’s app, NO I/WE DON’T OWN Me-Coin, and I have no ownership or anything to do with it.

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