Du It FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Du It

What is Du It?

Du It is a new bitcoin affiliate network powered by Ingreso Cybernetico. Du It represents the new culture we want to create for home business owners globally. Our concept is for all to have a “Just Do It” approach to business and fighting for family and beliefs.


When is Du It launching?

Pre-launch starts Friday April 28th, 2017.


What kind of compensation plan does Du It have?

Du It has three available compensation plans.

  1. The standard concentrated bitcoin unilevel pays through six levels of depth, up to 65%.
  2. The producer’s extended concentrated bitcoin unilevel pays commissions through eleven levels of depth, up to 87%.
  3. Du It Producer’s Club Bonus pays commissions on downlines that join the Du It Producer’s Club through four levels of depth.


Is there residual income in Du It?

Yes there is a residual income with Du it.  We are excited to share our Concentrated BTC Uni-Level.  This kind of uni-level by its very nature will make hourly payments every single day Monday through Sunday.  As you grow your business wide you can earn through anywhere from 6 – 11 levels for all transactions.  At the top of each hour the system will pay for all transactions in your group directly to your personal bitcoin wallet.

Is there a monthly membership fee for Du It?

Yes, to keep your account active in Du It you’ll need to pay .01 BTC (bitcoin, roughly $12) each month. If you allow your account to become inactive you will lose access to your products and you will be unable to earn commissions for as long as your account remains inactive.


What is the Du It Producer’s Club?

The cost for the Du It producer’s club is .4 bitcoin (approximately $500 USD). The producer’s club enables you to earn through 12 levels instead of the usual 6 like non club members. The Producer’s Club also comes with it’s own unilevel comp plan that enables you to earn commissions through 4 levels when someone in your downline joins the Producer’s club. Being in the President’s Club in Ingreso Cybernetico does not qualify you for the Du It Producer’s Club, you must still make the one time payment of .4 bitcoin (approximately $500 USD)to become a Du It Producer’s Club member.

Where can I get more information and updates about Du It?

Get the latest Du It news to your email inbox by clicking here. Also make sure you follow our Ingreso Cybernetico fanpage on Facebook for livestreams and announcements.


Where can I get more information about bitcoin?

If you are new to bitcoin then this is a good place to start: Bitcoin Overview

You’ll also want to get used to thinking in bitcoin, online currency converters can help and there are free currency conversion apps you can download for your phone as well.